Public spaces

Improve the image of your public BUILDING

Sti steam machines have long been used in the cleaning of public buildings such as kindergartens, schools, community buildings, offices and bars. Steam cleaning is well suited to these environments and allows to thoroughly clean and at the same time sanitise surfaces with immediate and visible results. The use of chemical detergents in cleaning is no longer necessary,  as steam cleaning is an eco-friendly cleaning method that improves human health without harming nature. Another advantage of using steam to clean public buildings, where hygiene is imperative, is that high temperature allows total elimination of microorganisms, bacteria, germs and parasites. Our steam cleaners are the best in the field, offering deep cleaning and providing great savings both in terms of time and money.

Safe, clean environments

Our public building sanitation tools provide many benefits, making the buildings more secure and suitable for use by the general public. Our machines offer superior cleaning on floors, walls and various other types of vertical and horizontal surfaces. They can also provide excellent sanitisation of baths, playground equipment and public use facilities. Our services also include the use of steam for the removal of graffiti, debris and chewing-gum, known to be responsible for the deterioration and appearance of public spaces and environments.
Piccolo aspiratore a vapore con vaschetta e cestino per case di studenti
Sanitise and clean your public spaces with our quality steamers. Call us today to find out more!
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