The benefits of steam cleaning

More and more businesses and individuals are switching to steam cleaning their homes or offices. With its many benefits, steam cleaning is now also the cheapest type of cleaning available on the market, both in terms of efficiency and economics.
The basic idea of ​​steam cleaners is inherently simple: water poured into a tank is heated and brought to the desired temperature, causing the steam to escape. Using this principle, the industry has now evolved, offering products with advanced and integrated functions. But at the basis of everything there is steam, and it is the simplicity of this process that makes it revolutionary: with the use of simple tap water it is possible to clean and sanitise virtually any surface without the use of additional products.
There are two types of steam, ie wet and dry:
  • Damp Steam: The vapor in which the water is present in the liquid state in the form of micro-drops is defined as wet.
  • Dry Steam: This is the steam in which there are no (or at least) micro-drops of water. This steam has a strong sanitising power and excellent cleaning ability.
Our machines use the power of dry steam that, thanks to high temperatures and humidity, can eliminate bacteria and microorganisms as well as banishing the dirt. Some models in our range, thanks to the hydrofoil function, can also use damp wet steam, allowing even more versatile and complete cleaning. Using steam is therefore an easy and fast method that allows you to clean, disinfect and deodorise at the same time. With so many benefits - steam cleaning is the new way to clean!

Some advantages of using steam

Steam cleaning has many special features:
  • It thoroughly cleanses any type of surface: floors, walls, fabrics, carpets, curtains, glasses, mirrors, bathrooms, ovens, etc .;
  • It reduces the time spent on cleaning and consequently the related costs;
  • It is ecological;
  • Reduces water consumption;
  • No need for detergent;
  • Sanitary cleaning: thanks to the high temperatures it is able to kill all germs, bacteria and parasites (such as mites, bed bugs, fleas and ticks) by thermal shock, also contributing to the fight against allergies and illnesses;
  • Reduces and eliminates moulds;
  • In addition to normal cleaning, disinfects and deodorises
  • Improves air quality;
  • Easy and safe to use;
  • Best results in accordance with HACCP procedures.


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