Hotels, SPA's, fitness centres


Hotels, spa, swimming pools and gymnasiums have special hygienic requirements in order to operate, and it is precisely in these fields that cleaning with steam is particularly effective. The use of steam allows for faster and deeper cleaning, and also sanitises. High temperatures allow for the elimination of microorganisms, germs and parasites, including mites. Our products save you time, don't require the use of detergents and will help your cleaning staff clean your premises faster. The cleanest, most sterile and freshest possible spaces for your customers to enjoy time and time again, making their stay in your facility that much more enjoyable.

Hotel and guest house cleaning

Our range of steam cleaners for hotels includes the cleaning and sanitation of floors, walls, work surfaces and bathrooms, as well as removing carpet, parquet and carpet stains, and the cleaning of mattresses and fabrics. Our products also help sanitise changing rooms, showers, swimming pools, saunas and Turkish baths. We offer specialist equipment dedicated to the proper sanitisation of gym equipment and cleaning of ventilation ducts and lifts. Your hotel or business will be able to reach its fullest potential and attract new guests who will be pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the facilities.
Aspiratore a vapore con cestino e vassoio  per piccoli negozi
Aspiratore a vapore per luoghi di culto o riunione con vaschetta e cestino
Aspiratore a vapore con vaschetta,paniere e cestino per stazioni di treno, autobus o negli aeroporti
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