Food industry


The food industry has to meet the most rigorous hygiene and cleaning standards at every stage of the process: traditional cleaning requires the use of water, detergents, chemical disinfectants, as well as proper surface drying. Using our steam cleaners, this process becomes much quicker and more efficient: in fact, the steam guarantees complete disinfection through the thermal shock, which eliminates any microorganisms. The same principle also allows for sanitising hard to reach areas and, due to the absence of liquid, it can also be used on electrical and electronic components. For more information, please do not hesitate to consult the contacts section of this site.

Application of steam technology in the food industry

Sti Steam Industry from Fara Vicentino are on hand to meet the demands of the food companies, thanks to our range of dedicated and specialist steam cleaning services that can be tailored to every company's needs. For this reason, the products we offer are particularly effective in the cleaning of floors, work surfaces of various types, as well as walls and claddings. Particularly important is the work we do in the sanitisation of machinery and conveyor belts that are part of the food industry's production, but also of the ventilation ducts, delegated to the correct flow of air within factories. Lastly, of course the removal of residues and food waste, which tends to accumulate on grid fans, baking trays, ovens, work surfaces, and many other areas of work.
Aspiratore a vapore per uffici e negozi
Aspiratore a vapore per uffici con vassoio e cestino
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