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cleaning solutions for THE MECHANICAL INDUSTRY

In order to be able to use machinery optimally and avoid breakdowns it must be possible to thoroughly clean the surfaces from any accumulated dirt and grease. Thanks to high steam temperatures, STI products can quickly remove not only grease but any other kind of dirt. Our dry steam solutions can also be used on electrical and electronic components, since they make it possible for users to reach even the most difficult of areas. Places that are impossible to clean by hand. Our mechanical industry cleaning equipment is also very versatile, and can be used for cleaning and sanitising floors, glass surfaces, toilets and more. Clean your business premises thoroughly with a single machine. Save time and money.

Optimal cleaning solutions for all sectors within the mechanical industry

Companies in the mechanical industry need partners that are accurate, reliable and punctual. Thanks to our extensive network of industry partners in the Fara Vicentino area, we are able to offer top-notch products and solutions that cover the entire spectrum of relevant requirements you may be faced with. We offer solutions for the cleaning and removal of fat from mechanical parts, equipment, ventilation ducts and electrical cabinets. But you can also use our products to sanitise floors, walls, offices and work surfaces in general. We provide quality, efficient cleaning for companies in the mechanical industry. Send us an email today to find out more!
Aspiratore a vapore per grandi superfici come ospedali,uffici o altre grandi aree
Aspiratore a vapore per edifici pubblici, monumenti e musei
Efficient cleaning solutions for mechanical industry companies. Email us today to find out more!
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