Car cleaning


In car washing, both inside and outside, steam is one of the best ways to achieve great results. Sti - Steam Industry machines allow you to clean and sanitise the car cabin, removing even the most obstinate dirt spots and grime. They also eliminate unpleasant smells, and with their powerful jet can dissolve the most stubborn dirt without damaging the surface or paintwork. Steam cleaning requires minimal water and does not require the use of additional detergents, making it completely natural and eco-sustainable. Among its numerous advantages, steam cleaners are capable of reaching and cleaning the hardest to reach corners and because of its unique properties, even fabric surfaces are dry and ready to use immediately after cleaning. The high temperature of the steam also allows total elimination of microorganisms, bacteria, germs and parasites, leaving your car clean, fresh and ready to go!

For a beautiful, clean vehicle

Self-washing with steam equipment provides many benefits. Below we list some of the features made possible by these machines:
  • Cleaning and sanitising seats and carpets, which can be used immediately
  • Cleaning of mechanical, electrical and electronic parts
  • Clearing spots and cracks that are usually unavailable
  • Eliminating unpleasant smells
  • Elimination of bacteria and parasites
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of glass and dashboard elements
  • Exterior cleaning without spoiling the paintwork
  • Removing even the most obstinate stains
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Aspiratore a vapore con vaschetta e paniere di residui per impianti sportivi e palestre
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