Domestic line


Our domestic range is made up of QV4, QV5, QV6 and QV7 lines, which are a mixture of both steam and steam-suction products. STI machines allow you to thoroughly clean and sanitise your entire home with just the strength of the steam. Forget traditional cleaning methods, with our machines you can eliminate traces of dirt and bad odours in a flash. Their uses are manifold: from disinfection of sanitation to glass cleaning, degreasing of ovens and hobs to the cleaning of fabrics (curtains, sofas, rugs, etc.), and in the aspiration of liquids and ironing.
STI is always on the lookout for innovation and has now designed and patented the revolutionary VAP FILTER, featuring QV7 LEDs and QueenVap models, in addition to the common water filter. Thanks to the exclusive VAP FILTER system, a 160 ° C continuous vapour spray duct allows you to capture even the smallest particles of pollen and micro dust, often responsible for severe respiratory problems, completely purifying the air.

For effective and sustainable cleaning

With our products you can clean your home thoroughly, making the environment around you healthy and fresh and you can save money at the same time. Our machines are eco-sustainable products that use low amounts of water and do not necessarily need detergents to clean (though this function is offered by our QueenVap model). So in addition to thorough cleaning and sanitisation, you can enjoy an economic return!
The products in our domestic line are small, but given the technical characteristics and the high performance that they are able to offer, they are also suitable for semi-professional use.
The only domestic steam products are QV4, QV5, QV6
Steam-intake is the QV7 line
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