Professional line


Our professional range of STI machines is divided into two lines: COMBY and GAISER.
The COMBY line includes Comby 3000, Comby 3500, Comby 4000 and Comby 9000. These models all come with a steam aspiration function. The GAISER line offers the suction function only and consists of Gaiser 2000, Gaiser 4000, Gaiser 4000+, Gaiser 18000.

Efficient, quick and precise sanitisation

Our professional range make it possible for you to thoroughly clean and sanitise any space. Applications vary from from food, mechanical, healthcare (hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary) to catering, hotels and public transport. Thanks to the high temperature of the steam you can sanitise and sterilise any surface by completely eliminating microorganisms, bacteria and pathogens, germs and parasites (mites, bed bugs, fleas and ticks) by combating the spread of allergies and diseases.

Steam power in any setting

Thanks to their power, our steamers can cut your cleaning time in half whilst simultaneously creating a healthier and fresher environment. Our products are also eco-friendly: they use a small amount of water and do not necessarily require the use of detergent (this feature is however available on our Comby line models, Gaiser 4000+ and Gaiser 18000 models).
Steam cleaning products: COMBY LINE
Steam cleaning products: GAISER LINE
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