In the field of catering, it is essential for working environments to be of the highest standards of hygiene. Steam cleaning is quick and effective, and provides complete disinfection and sanitation of almost every surface. Our steaming machines are widely used in this field, in the kitchen, in the dining room, in public areas and in the cleaning of the sanitary facilities. With just 1 appliance you can clean your entire building, home or office allowing you or your customers to enjoy a fresh and clean environment without using additional detergents and without wasting water.

Clean environments for delicious dishes

The cleansing of food and food-preparation environments is an essential part of any professional or home kitchen. Therefore, you need to rely on equipment and solutions that can provide quality, long-term effective performance. We can provide you with steamers designed for the meticulous cleaning of worktops, chairs, tables, walls and any other surface intended to come into contact with members of public. There are also many ways available to make clean your work surfaces, aspiration hoods, ventilation ducts, machinery and equipment used to prepare dishes. Equally, it is also possible to provide the disinfection of refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances for the preservation of food in the long term with one of our steam cleaning machines.
Piccolo aspiratore a vapore per case o piccoli negozi
Aspiratore a vapore per centri medici,cliniche,ospedali con vassoio e cestino
Prepare delicious food in a clean and hygienic kitchen. Call us now!
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