Health industry


Steam steamers are ideal for use in the healthcare sector, and any type of hospital, or medical, dental and veterinary practise. Steam, in its simplicity, proves to be the best approach to cleaning in these demanding environments, thanks to the high temperature it can reach to sanitise and sterilise all surfaces, completely eliminating microorganisms, bacteria and pathogens but also germs and parasites such as mites, bed bugs, fleas and ticks. All this helps fight the spread of allergies and illnesses within hospitals without even needing to use a detergent. Thanks to our special steaming machines you can clean and at the same time sterilise your work environment, making it healthy and fresh.

An essential requirement in the medical field

Hospitals must meet the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene and transparency in order to function as public services. Our company creates tailored cleaning solutions for the sanitisation of outpatient clinics, operating rooms, ambulances and other medical offices. And our cleaning work doesn't stop here, we can also clean items such as chairs, mattresses, fabrics, wheelchairs and specific tools. There is also the possibility to sterilise cages, ventilation ducts and floors. This eliminates any bacteria and germs, as well as unpleasant odours.
Aspiratore a vapore con paniere e cestino per scuole o centri educativi
Aspiratore a vapore per negozi piccoli
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