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The demand for steam machines for the cleaning and sanitation of public transport, including on trains, buses, trams, aircraft and ships is on the rise. In these areas, the unbelievable effectiveness of steam cleaning is being discovered, both for the interior and exterior of the cabin, and fast becoming recognised as the best solution on the market. Steam is an indispensable cleaning agent for the cleaning and sanitisation of the interior of public and private transport. Benefits include the removal of unpleasant odours, and the total cleaning of any surface that can then be used immediately. Finally, the high temperature s used guarantee total elimination of any microorganisms, bacteria, germs or parasites such as mites, fleas and ticks that are present.

Steam cleaning: making travelling better

The use of steamers for the cleaning of civil means of transport allows you to provide travellers with the utmost comfort and cleanliness. Our work supplying the private and public transport sectors focusses on the cleaning and sanitation of seats and bunkers, as well as on the elimination of unpleasant odours from fabrics and interiors of every type of passenger cabin. We also treat and sanitise any area in need of the complete removal of bacteria, germs, parasites and microorganisms. The interior and exterior cleaning of aeroplane cockpits, for example, gives an idea of the sophistication of our steam cleaning solutions.
Aspiratore a vapore con paniere,cestino e vaschetta di rifiuti speciali per laboratori e centri di analisi
Piccolo aspiratore a vapore di colore grigio per residenze particolari
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