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Gaiser 18000

Gaiser 18000

GAISER 18000 is a three-phase steam generator ideal for professional use, with a robust stainless-steel body.

Gaiser 18000 is the most powerful model of the line. It is a machine with a sturdy steel body, capable of delivering a continuous flow of steam, which makes it ideal for the most demanding applications. Furthermore, this model can be equipped with the exclusive Hydro-Power technology (optional), which enables the connection of the Gaiser 18000 to the water mains, for long-term work.


  • Only steam hose 6 mt

  • Lance for gaiser 18000 l= 450mm

  • Ø28 polyester brush

  • Ø28 brass brush

  • Ø28 stainless steel brush

  • Ø65 polyester brush

  • Ø65 stainless steel brush

  • Ø65 brass brush

  • Ø40 polyester brush

  • Ø40 stainless steel brush

  • Ø40 brass brush

  • Tanks vacuum accessory


  • Pressure 10
  • steam flow 480
  • Machine body Inox


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