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Gaiser 6000

Gaiser 6000

GAISER 6000 is a three-phase steam generator ideal for industrial use, with a robust stainless-steel body.

It is the most compact model within our industrial line. It has no limits of use as it can clean and sanitize any type of surface, including the most remote corners.


  • Only steam hose 6 mt

  • Ø28 polyester brush

  • Ø28 brass brush

  • Ø28 stainless steel brush

  • Ø65 polyester brush

  • Ø65 stainless steel brush

  • Ø65 brass brush

  • Ø40 polyester brush

  • Ø40 stainless steel brush

  • Ø40 brass brush

  • Tank-suction accessory

  • Curved washing lance l=450


  • Pressure 10
  • steam flow 250
  • Machine body Inox


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