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Gaiser 9000

Gaiser 9000

GAISER 9000 is a three-phase steam generator ideal for industrial use, with a robust stainless-steel body.

Thanks to its power and extremely robust structure, Gaiser 9000 is the ideal machine for the most demanding industrial applications. Furthermore, this model can be equipped with the exclusive Hydro-Power technology (optional), which enables the connection of the Gaiser 9000 to the water mains, for long-term work.


  • Ø28 polyester brush

  • Ø28 brass brush

  • Ø28 stainless steel brush

  • Ø65 polyester brush

  • Ø65 stainless steel brush

  • Ø65 brass brush

  • Ø40 polyester brush

  • Ø40 stainless steel brush

  • Ø40 brass brush

  • Lance for gaiser 18000 l= 450mm

  • Only steam hose 6 mt

  • Tanks vacuum accessory


  • Pressure 10
  • steam flow 288
  • Machine body Inox


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