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QV7 is a steam generator for domestic use, also equipped with a “suction” function. This specific model too incorporates the exclusive VAP Filter system, technology patented by STI that doubles the cleaning of the intake air. In fact, in addition to the normal water filter, the machine is also equipped with a steam filter that removes micro-dust, pollen and mites. A special technology called Airfresh-tec, also allows you to clean and perfume the air inside your home.


  • Refill bottle

  • Steam&vacuum hose 2.2mt

  • Extension tubes

  • Multipurpose brush

  • Frame with bristles and squeegee for multipurpose brush

  • Carpet protection frame for multipurpose brush

  • Glass cleaner

  • Suction nozzle with squeegee

  • Lance+lance holder

  • Straight lance

  • Passepartout nozzle

  • Curved suction nozzle

  • Ø40 polyester brush

  • Only-vacuum brush

  • Transparent nozzle

  • Triangular brush

  • Cloth for triangular brush

  • Heat brush

  • Horse-hair brush ø35

  • Bristles frame for triangular brush

  • Rectangular cloth

  • Ø65 polyester brush

  • Ø28 polyester brush

  • Ø28 brass brush

  • Triangular brush with polyester bristles

  • Balsamic essences perfume


  • Pressure 6
  • steam flow 100
  • Vacuum Power 1200 W
  • Machine body ABS


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