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Applications of our
Steam Machines

Range of applications

STI Steam Industry offers a wide range of steam cleaning machines, specially designed to meet the needs of many sectors including mechanical industry, food and cosmetics, catering and hotel, transport and public facilitiescar washes, home sanitation and many more.

Our steamers are designed and equipped with technologies that allow you to save time, detergents and chemicals, a significant plus that represents a step forward in the fight to protect our planet.


We have designed machines that allow you to thoroughly clean, disinfect sanitize surfaces, saving you time! Discover our products for your home!


STI Steam Industry offers a wide range of steam cleaning machinery, designed for sanitizing healthcare environments such as hospitals, clinics and surgeries.


Use the power of steam to clean deep, eliminating germs and bacteria even in the most remote corners. An ally to be in line in health protocols.


Fast cleaning, deep sanitizing and significant savings on the use of detergents: this is the prospect guaranteed by our steam cleaners. Use steam to clean your hospitality facility.


Steam is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing public transport, vehicles easily removing stains from seat fabrics, upholstery, and deep clean surfaces.


Production departments in this type of industry require a thorough cleaning of all surfaces to ensure a hygienic working environment.

Food Industry

Don't be intimidated by the strict hygiene protocols! Thanks to the use of industrial steamers, the entire cleaning process is accelerated and, above all, strengthened.

Car wash / Car Detailing

With our steam cleaning machines, sanitizing and deep cleaning your car will be simple and, above all, very fast!

Education & Community

Our steamers are indispensable when it comes to thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the environment in public facilities.

General Industry

For in-depth cleaning and disinfection of industrial workplaces, it's essential to make full use of one of our steam cleaning machines.

Cleaning companies

STI Steam Industry offers a wide range of steamers to make your cleaning company's work more efficient!


STI Steam Industry has designed steam cleaning machines that allow you to thoroughly sanitize workplaces and machineries used in the food packaging process.

Pest control

Our steamers will also become your new allies when disinfecting and sanitizing your sites.


STI Steam Industry has designed steam cleaning machines to meet the needs of the winery sector, allowing companies to operate in a consistenly clean and sanitized environment.

Special Applications

STI's twenty years of experience enables us to offer tailor-suited products even for sectors that require highly complex cleaning solutions, or for special applications with alternative materials and/or production processes.

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