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Pratika lucida20x20 300dpi RGB

PRATIKA is a steam generator ideal for domestic use, equipped with a “suction” function. This technology, called Dry-Master, allows the operator to vacuum and dry-up perfectly the surface treated with steam.

PRATIKA, thanks to its powerful steam cleaning system, will make your home a cleaner, more fragrant, and fully sanitized place.


  • YFL62100 scaled

    Steam&vacuum hose 2.2mt

  • UTRN0000 1 scaled

    Extension tubes

  • YSPN0000 scaled

    Multipurpose brush

  • YSPN0001 scaled

    Frame with bristles and squeegee for multipurpose brush

  • USPN0001 scaled

    Carpet protection frame for multipurpose brush

  • YPUN1000 scaled

    Glass cleaner

  • YBON1002 scaled

    Suction nozzle with squeegee

  • ULAN0002 scaled

    Straight lance

  • YLAN3004 scaled

    Lance+lance holder

  • UBON0000 scaled

    Passepartout nozzle

  • UBON0001 scaled

    Curved suction nozzle

  • USPN0047 scaled

    Heat brush

  • USPN3008

    Ø40 polyester brush

  • USPN3001

    Ø28 polyester brush

  • USPN3002

    Ø28 brass brush

  • USPN3005

    Ø65 polyester brush

  • UPN60012 scaled

    Rectangular cloth


  • Pressure 5
  • steam flow 95
  • Vacuum Power 1200 W
  • Machine body ABS


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