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Revive 9000

Revive 9000

revive9000 scaled

REVIVE 9000 is the new three-phase “steam & suction” machine (for the removal of dirt performed by steam extraction) designed by STI for the cleaning, disinfection and sanitization of cars / means of transport / ambulances / boats etc.

Dirt is removed through three actions: thermal (steam temperature), chemical (vegetable detergent) and mechanical (steam jet pressure).

Thanks to its stainless steel structure, REVIVE 9000 is the ideal machine for the most demanding cleaning jobs, offering, in addition to the possibility of disinfecting and sanitizing the passenger compartment, also the ability to clean the car body.


  • YFL62100 scaled

    Steam&vacuum hose 4.5mt

  • YSPN0000 scaled

    Multipurpose brush

  • YSPN0001 scaled

    Frame with bristles and squeegee for multipurpose brush

  • USPN0001 scaled

    Carpet protection frame for multipurpose brush

  • UPUN0007 scaled

    Glass cleaner

  • YLAN0004 scaled

    Lance pro inox 138

  • UBON0010 1

    Vacuum nozzle 80 mm.

  • UBON0001 scaled

    Curved suction nozzle

  • USPN3005

    Ø65 polyester brush

  • USPN3001

    Ø28 polyester brush

  • YBON1002 scaled

    Suction nozzle with squeegee

  • bocchetta trasparente

    Transparent nozzle

  • UBON0000 scaled

    Passepartout nozzle

  • VBON0006 1 scaled

    Suction nozzle 150mm

  • USPN0030 scaled

    Bristles frame for suction nozzle 150mm

  • UPN60012 scaled

    Rectangular cloth

  • YLAN5006 scaled

    Professional steam&vacuum lance

  • YBOT1001 1 scaled

    Upholstery accessory

  • UTRN0000 1 scaled

    Extension tubes

  • YACASP00 scaled

    Tank-suction accessory

  • YLAN5100

    Steam lance with teflon tube

  • YLAN5101

    Lange suction steam special short

  • YLAN5103 1 scaled

    Lance vacuum and steam wand long straight

  • yflg5105

    Steam hose 9mt

  • UBOT0001 scaled

    Curved suction nozzle

  • URAN0012

    Fitting for vacuum/steam lance and nozzle

  • ylan6003 scaled

    Curved steam lance l 225 mm


  • Pressure 10
  • steam flow 288
  • Vacuum Power 1400 W
  • Machine body Inox


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