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Looking for an effective tool to thoroughly clean healthcare surfaces and equipment?

STI Steam Industry offers a wide range of steam cleaning machines designed to sanitize healthcare environments such as hospitals, clinics and surgeries.

Our steam generators are equipped with the latest generation technology. This makes the cleaning process easier, faster and, above all, more effective than traditional methods.

A notable plus is the respect and protection of the environment. The use of STI steam machines guarantees enormous savings in the consumption of detergents and water.


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  • QV6

    Steam generator ideal for domestic and semi-professional use, with a sturdy stainless steel body
    Domestic Line
    • Pressure 4,5
    • steam flow 90
    • Machine body Inox
  • Gaiser 2000

    Gaiser 2000
    Single-phase steam generator with a sturdy stainless steel body
    Professional Line
    • Pressure 6
    • steam flow 100
    • Machine body Inox
  • Gaiser 4000

    Gaiser 4000
    Single-phase steam generator equipped with a detergent tank
    Professional Line
    • Pressure 8
    • steam flow 125
    • Machine body Inox

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