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Steam Cleaning

Why choose steam for cleaning?

More and more companies and individuals are turning their attention to the steam cleaning sector. Thanks to its numerous advantages, this proves to be the most convenient type of cleaning on the market, both in terms of efficacy and cost.

The basic idea behind steam cleaners is quite simple: water poured into a tank is heated and brought to the desired temperature, enabling steam to be released. The industry has eventually evolved from this principle to offer products with integrated functions that provide effective and comprehensive steam cleaning.

At the heart of it all, however, is steam, and it is the simplicity of this process that makes it revolutionary: using only tap water, it is possible to steam clean and sanitize almost any surface, without the use of any additional products or chemical detergents. STI Steam Industry has designed the perfect steam cleaner for every sector: domestic, professional, industrial, car-detailing and pest control!

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The benefits of steam cleaning

How does a steam cleaner work?

As we have already mentioned, steam cleaning has many advantages. But let’s try to understand a bit more about the main features of steam cleaners!



The pressurized boiler is an obsolete system that requires water to be manually filled directly into the boiler before the steam cleaner is used. The operating time of this system is determined by the size of the boiler. In addition, the waiting time before the cleaner can be used is approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on the model.

If you run out of water, you must stop cleaning with steam. It is therefore necessary to cool the boiler before filling the system. It is consequently necessary to wait 10-15 minutes before resuming steam cleaning.

This system is NOT used by STI Steam Industry.



Available on all STI machines, this system eliminates the need to manually fill the boiler with water. Users fill-up a reservoir, which automatically fills the boiler of the steam cleaner when required.

In addition, the waiting time when switching on the machine is only 3-6 minutes, depending on the model.



Some steam cleaners are equipped with a detergent function, located in a separate tank.

It is then possible to add detergent mixed with steam by simply pressing a special button on the handle. The flow rate can be adjusted using a control on the machine.

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This system is available on some of our products. It connects the machine to the water supply, allowing the steam cleaner to be used continuously without having to worry about manually filling the boiler or water tank.

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Home steam cleaning: the best steam cleaners for your home!

Cleaning your home may require various chemical detergents, but steam cleaning eliminates all detergents by effectively getting rid of dirt, grease, mites, and bacteria. Steam cleaning not only reduces water waste but also minimizes pollution inside your home, securing a safer environment, especially for children who may have allergies. STI Steam Industry has created a range of steam cleaners for households that ensures professional cleaning within your home. Say goodbye to cleaning problems with STI’s steam cleaners! Using steam to clean will effectively clean and sanitize your floors, bathrooms, and kitchens.