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Car Detailing Line

Steam cleaner for cars

Innovative and complete steam cleaners for car detailing

STI’s Car Detailing line consists of a range of powerful single-phase and three-phase car steam cleaners  capable of generating high pressures and temperatures. This dedicated line of car steam cleaners consists of 2 models:

REVIVE 4000 / REVIVE 9000

Revive 4000 and Revive 9000 are single phase and three phase “Steam & Vacuum” type machines designed by STI for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising cars / vehicles / ambulances / boats etc.

  • Revive 4000

    Revive 4000
    Single-phase steam generator dedicated to the Car-Detailing sector
    Car Detailing Line
    • Pressure 10
    • steam flow 130
    • Vacuum Power 1400 W
    • Machine body Inox
  • Revive 9000

    Revive 9000
    Three-phase steam generator dedicated to the Car-Detailing sector
    Car Detailing Line
    • Pressure 10
    • steam flow 288
    • Vacuum Power 1400 W
    • Machine body Inox
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    STI Steam Industry steam cleaner for cars: not just a portable steam cleaner

    Generally, a “portable steam cleaner for cars” refers to a steam machine for cleaning car interiors. In contrast, the models created by STI Steam Industry are professional steam machines that fully sanitize car interiors and seats. These car steam cleaners surpass ordinary cleaning as they ensure the removal of dirt and the elimination of germs and bacteria. This is why referring to them as just portable car steamers would be simplistic. Instead, they should be known as professional car steam cleaners or professional machines.

    Steam cleaning of cars is much quicker and more complete when using one of our steam & vacuum car cleaners. In fact, our exclusive “Click & Go” system takes very little time to get the steam cleaner ready for use. Our steam cleaners for car washing, additionally, use three functions to remove dirt:

    • thermal, by the temperature of the steam
    • chemical, by using a purely plant-based detergent
    • mechanical, by the pressure of the steam jet.

    Thanks to the combination of these three powerful actions, the cleanliness of your car will be truly impeccable!

    Prices of steam cleaners for car interiors

    The price of a Car Steam Cleaner varies greatly depending on the model and options required. If you would like more information about our car steam cleaners or a quote, please contact us by phone or via the online form and we will advise you on the best solution for your needs!

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