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Our R&D team is constantly working to deliver better solutions for our customers and, consequently, our steam generators are characterized by high quality and accuracy, to ensure excellent results in the most demanding markets and in the toughest applications.



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Exclusive Technologies

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Air purification system. Thanks to the use of the vap filter the machine can also be used as a convenient air purifier. Advantage: cleaning the air helps to contain the proliferation of mites and viruses responsible for serious respiratory tract disorders.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    The exclusive BugsBuster technology allows to reach a very high temperature, up to 220°C. Advantages: the steam produced is dry, as it is compressed and super-heated again before being dispensed. In fact, compared to STI's BugsBuster, standard vaporizers release more than double the amount of water per minute.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore

    Click&Go System

    Fast heating system. Thanks to the powerful heating elements inside the boiler, the machine takes a very short time to be ready to use. Advantage: very short waiting times before starting work.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Addition of detergent. This feature allows you to add (and adjust) a certain amount of detergent to the steam output. Advantage: it allows you to improve cleaning by adding and adjusting the detergent output with steam, without waste.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    This feature allows the suction and drying of the treated surfaces. Advantage: once the dirt is dissolved by means of steam, we can collect it and leave the surface completely clean and dry.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore

    Easy-Service System

    Removable boiler heating elements. This feature allows for a quick replacement of the boiler heating elements. Advantage: it speeds-up and simplifies the maintenance and cleaning of the boiler.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Steam adjustment. Thanks to this simple system it is possible to adjust the steam outlet.

    Advantage: decrease or increase the steam flow depending on the surface to be treated and the specific need.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Addition of a jet of water.This feature allows you to add a certain amount of clean water to the steam power.

    Advantage: it allows you to enhance cleaning wit wet steam, thus facilitate rinsing.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Connection to the water supply. It allows continuous operation without having to manually fill the water tank. Advantage: thanks to the electronic management of the water charge, the machine is automatically fed with water from the water mains.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Suction level adjustment. This feature allows for different drying levels. Advantage: it is possible to decrease or increase the suction power according to the surface to be treated, or to any additional, specific need.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    An intelligent boiler. Thanks to a pair of safety devices (a thermostat and an overpressure valve), the over- heating or over-pressure are managed autonomously by the machine. Advantage: work in total safety.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore

    Non-Stop System

    Continuous and automatic water filling system in the boiler. Advantage: the continuous refilling system does not require cooling, so you can refill the water tank at any time. This avoids unnecessary waiting and boring breaks that waste time.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Addition of sanitizing solution. This feature allows you to add (and adjust) a certain amount of sanitizer to the steam output. Advantage: it allows you to improve the sanification process by adding and adjusting the sanitizer output with steam, without waste.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Double steam flow. By activating this feature, a second solenoid valve boosts the output of the steam flow. Advantage: the system enhance the cleaning force of steam.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore


    Entirely in steel. The total-steel body guarantees sturdiness and stability. Advantage: it ensures you have a robust and professional machine.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore

    Twin-Power System

    Power variation system. Allows to work with two distinct powers and consumptions. Advantage: with the same machine we can clean inside a house or in an industry by adding the power of a second heating element.

  • tecnologia generatore di vapore

    Vap Filter (Patented)

    Double filtration. The suction particles of dirt are sprayed with continuous steam at 160°C before entering the water filter. Advantage: the system captures even the smallest particles of pollen, mites and micro-dust, often responsible for serious respiratory disorders, perfectly purifying the air.

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