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Comby 3500

Comby 3500

COMBY 3500 is a single-phase steam generator ideal for professional use, with a robust stainless-steel body. The machine is equipped with a “suction” function.

Comby 3500 is a very popular steam generator that guarantees the complete cleaning of a wide range of surfaces in a versatile and ecological way. Robust and compact, it acts as a sanitizer, degreaser and deodorant, fighting even the most stubborn stains. Furthermore, it facilitates the elimination of bacteria and moulds.


  • Curved suction nozzle

  • Suction nozzle with squeegee

  • Steam&vacuum hose 3mt

  • Lance pro inox 138

  • Carpet protection frame for multipurpose brush

  • Glass cleaner

  • Multipurpose brush

  • Ø28 polyester brush

  • Ø40 polyester brush

  • Ø65 polyester brush

  • Frame with bristles and squeegee for multipurpose brush

  • Extension tubes

  • Triangular brush

  • Ø40 stainless steel brush

  • Ø40 brass brush

  • Bristles frame for triangular brush

  • Transparent nozzle

  • Suction nozzle 150mm

  • Cloth for triangular brush

  • Rectangular cloth

  • Bristles frame for suction nozzle 150mm

  • Tank-suction accessory


  • Pressure 8
  • steam flow 125
  • Vacuum Power 1200 W
  • Machine body Inox


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