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Professional steam generators: cleaning and sanitization


Professional steam generators are specialised tools that play an important role in various sectors, such as industrial cleaning, food industry, hospitality, and healthcare. These steam generators go beyond cleaning as they aid in battling dirt, germs, and bacteria. In this article, we will provide an extensive analysis of the characteristics, functioning, and uses of a steam generator for cleaning. Our aim is to help you understand their benefits and make your selection easier.

How does a steam generator for cleaning work?

The core component of a professional steam generator is the boiler, where water is heated to a temperature well above 100°C until it reaches the saturated steam phase. This process generates steam that is characterised by significant pressure, which may vary based on the steam generator model in use. Subsequently, the steam flows through designated fixtures, which enable the operator to direct it towards the surface needing treatment.

Saturated steam is an exceptionally powerful cleaning agent due to its high temperature and pressure. It saturates dirt molecules, softening and lifting them off surfaces. As it contacts cooler surfaces, it quickly reverts to its liquid state, effectively sweeping away dirt and impurities. Professional steam generators can be adapted to a wide range of applications thanks to their ability to adjust the steam flow. Some models also have a suction system for dirt recovery which enables more thorough and precise cleaning, thereby improving efficiency and speed of work.

Professional steam generator Comby 3500
Comby 3500

What can I clean with steam?

One of the great things about dry steam generators is their versatility. They can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces including floors, walls, tiles, glass, textiles, carpets, curtains, upholstery and industrial equipment. However, the real power of steam emerges when it comes to removing stubborn dirt, grease stains and biological contaminants. Dry steam has the ability to decontaminate surfaces and objects, eliminating bacteria and germs, making the use of professional steam generators essential in hygiene-sensitive environments such as hospitals, commercial kitchens and healthcare facilities.

But their use does not end there. Steam generators can also be used in the industrial sector to help degrease complex machinery and equipment. In addition, they can be used to clean vehicles, both internally and externally, and of course also in a domestic context, making house cleaning much easier. Their versatility also makes them an attractive option in commercial environments where it is important to maintain a high standard of sanitisation. Lastly, some steam generators are specially designed for bedbug pest control.

Which professional steam generator should I buy?

Choosing the right steam generator for your business is not easy. But we are here to help! STI Steam Industry deals with the design and sale of steam generators as well as the subsequent service and maintenance. We have therefore tried to outline the most important information to make your choice a little easier:

  1. What surface do I need to treat and what size is it? This is the first question to consider. Smaller settings like commercial spaces require diverse steam generators compared to household areas or bigger industrial sites.
  2. Do I just need to clean or vacuum as well? The suction feature may not be available on all steam generators and can be crucial in certain situations.
  3. Should the steam generator need frequent transportation for cleaning or remain stationary? This decision to prioritize manoeuvrability over sturdiness, or vice versa, may affect the selection of a steam generator.

If you know the answer to these questions and want to find out which is your ideal steam cleaner, simply consult our IDEAL MACHINE FINDER. In seconds you will know which steam cleaner models are right for you!

The price of a professional steam generator: how much does it cost to buy one?

Prices for professional dry steam generators vary greatly depending on performance, integrated technologies and desired options. A smaller steam generator such as the QV7, ideal for domestic cleaning, may cost less.

Professional steam generator QV7

On the other hand, an industrial steam generator, such as the high-performance Gaiser 18000, can cost more.

Professional steam generator Gaiser 18000
Gaiser 18000

It is important to bear in mind that a steam generator for cleaning is an environmentally friendly investment, as it significantly reduces water consumption and the use of chemicals. Water savings are particularly substantial, as steam cleaners can use just a few litres of tap water per hour, compared to the hundreds of litres used by conventional high-pressure cleaning systems.

The choice of steam generator should be based on your specific needs and budget. However, it is important to consider this investment as a way to improve hygiene and speed of cleaning operations while reducing environmental impact. With its steam generators for cleaning, STI Steam Industry, strives to find a solution that meets all different needs at reasonable prices, ensuring that everyone gets a product that is economical, environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time.

If you think a Professional Steam Generator is the right machine for you, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote, information or just advice!

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