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PEST CONTROL LINE, the new product line from STI Steam Industry

The new model dedicated to the disinfestation of bedbugs and parasites is here: BugsBuster

In recent years, there has been a worrying increase in the spread of bedbugs. These small pests, known to infest an extensive variety of places where people sleep or spend time, such as private homes, hotels, stores, offices, transportation, and public places, pose a real challenge to many communities. Bed bugs can proliferate rapidly and are notoriously difficult to eliminate.


Effectively dealing with bedbug or pest infestations can be a challenge, but now there is an innovative solution: superheated steam. Steam is a natural element that can kill both bed bugs and their eggs without the use of harmful chemicals. And that’s where BugsBuster, the new device designed, manufactured, and patented by STI Steam Industry for its Pest Control line, comes in, representing a breakthrough in controlling bedbug and pest infestations.

What makes BugsBuster unique is its advanced technology: the steam produced is compressed and superheated before being dispensed, reaching incredibly high temperatures, up to 220°C. This superheated steam is dry, which means it not only kills bed bugs and their eggs, but also dries quickly, minimizing residual moisture on treated surfaces. With BugsBuster, you will not only get more effective results, but also faster drying times and less risk of surface damage.

BugsBuster‘s innovative nozzle, covered by a STI patent, produces a powerful jet of superheated dry steam that penetrates deep into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Unlike conventional steam generators, BugsBuster releases much less water, ensuring higher dry steam concentration and longer-lasting results.

But BugsBuster’s outstanding features do not stop there. In addition to eliminating bedbugs and their eggs, this device offers a number of additional benefits. It is incredibly easy to use, requires minimal operating costs, and does not necessitate the use of harmful insecticides. Moreover, in addition to ridding you of pesky infestations, BugsBuster also eliminates unpleasant odors and sanitizes treated surfaces, ensuring a safe and clean environment for you and your family.

With BugsBuster, STI Steam Industry offers a comprehensive and highly effective solution for the control of bedbugs and other pests. It’s time to say goodbye to infestations and enjoy peaceful sleep and a safe home environment again.

If you are interested in BugsBuster, please contact us without obligation for a free quote. We are always available to answer your questions and resolve your concerns!

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