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Steam & vacuum cleaners: fast and effective

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In the vast panorama of steam cleaning, technologies, the combination of steam and suction is a winning combination. The synergy between these two elements offers a fast, efficient, and versatile way to thoroughly hygienise and sanitize surfaces.

Steam + Suction: a winning combination

Steam is a powerful sanitizing tool. It can disinfect and clean without the need for chemicals, making it an excellent choice. When combined with the vacuum function, it becomes a cleaning system that removes dirt, moisture, and residue in one go, ensuring impeccable results.

Professional “steam + suction” cleaners from STI Steam Industry

STI Steam Industry has revolutionized the cleaning equipment sector with its range of “steam and vacuum” cleaners. These steam cleaners are precision-engineered with advanced technologies to deliver superior performance and unbeatable sanitizing speed. They are equipped with steam tanks and powerful suction systems, making them stand out for several reasons.

  • Effectiveness: The combination of high temperature steam and suction ensures that dirt, bacteria and germs are removed quickly and effectively.
  • Versatility: Suitable for multiple types of surfaces, from floors to upholstery, they can tackle any type of cleaning in domestic, professional, industrial and car-detailing environments.
  • Ease of Use: STI Steam Industry steam and vacuum cleaners are designed to be intuitive, with user-friendly features that make professional steam and vacuum cleaning an accessible task for everyone.

“Steam and Vacuum” cleaning for the household sector: Pratika and QV7

Among the steam cleaners for use in households, two models stand out due to their vacuum function: Pratika and QV7. Pratika’s Dry-Master technology allows for perfect vacuuming and drying of surfaces treated with steam. QV7 is equipped with the exclusive VAP Filter System, a technology patented by STI that doubles the cleanliness of the sucked air. This steam and vacuum cleaner has an integrated steam filter in addition to the regular water filter. The steam filter breaks down micro-dust, pollen, and dust mites.

“Steam and Vacuum” cleaning for professional use: QV7 Pro, Comby 3000, Comby 3500 e Comby 4000

We offer four models of steam cleaners, for professional use, that provide “steam and suctioncleaning capabilities.  The QV7 Pro model is equipped with a detergent tank, and includes the exclusive Dose-Master function that allows for the dosing of detergent to enhance cleaning without waste.

As far as STI’s Comby line of professional steam generators is concerned, there are three models equipped with suction: Comby 3000, Comby 3500 and Comby 4000.

All three are capable of washing, sanitizing and drying in a single pass, differing mainly in suction power and the amount of steam produced. Specifically, the Comby 3500 is also equipped with the exclusive Infini-Vac technology, which allows different drying levels according to cleaning needs. In addition, thanks to the Hydro-Jet function, it is possible to add a certain amount of water to the steam and make it wetter, thus favoring rinsing.In addition, the Comby 4000 can be equipped with the unique Hydro-Power technology, which makes it possible to connect the steam and suction cleaner to the water supply, ensuring effective cleaning even in the most demanding cases without ever having to interrupt work to refill the water tank.

Industrial “Steam and Vacuum”cleaners: Comby 6000 and Comby 9000

Also from the Comby range, but now referring to steam cleaners for industrial use, we have the Comby 6000 and Comby 9000. Both are three-phase steam generators with an all-steel body and Dose-Master, Hydro-Jet and Hydro-Power functions. Again, the main difference between the models is the amount of steam produced.

“Steam and vacuum” cleaners for Car-Detailing use: Revive 4000 and Revive 9000

In the car-detailing sector we offer two models of steam and vacuum cleaners: Revive 4000 and Revive 9000. These two models are designed by STI Steam Industry for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising cars and vehicles. In particular, the Revive 9000 steam and vacuum cleaner offers the possibility of cleaning the car body as well as the interior.

What is the price of a “steam & vacuum” cleaner?

When considering the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, price is obviously a key consideration. However, focusing solely on the initial cost may not reflect the true value of such a machine.

The durability, efficiency and versatility of STI Steam Industry’s “steam and vacuum” cleaners fully justify the investment. Their ability to improve hygiene, reduce cleaning time and deliver superior results is a tangible benefit to any business.

Request a quote and invest in quality “steam and vacuum” cleaning

Requesting a quote for a “steam and vacuum” cleaner is the first step towards professional and quality cleaning. STI Steam Industry provides a range of solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs, ensuring maximum satisfaction. Contact us without obligation for more information on our range of “steam and vacuum” cleaners or to receive a quote!

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