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Steam cleaning of conveyor belts

Our Gaiser 18000 can be equipped with a new STI accessory called CBCS, designed to clean and sanitize conveyor belts.

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for producing the leather that is subsequently utilized to create anything from shoes to baseball gloves to biker jackets, as well as our signature belts and briefcases?

Well, this is the job of a tannery, and it was great to deliver two STI industrial steamers Gaiser 18000 to a world famous tannery specialized in the ancient tradition of vegetable-tanning.

Such tannery produces a variety of full-grain Vachetta leather that is admired for its oily texture and natural, earthy complexion.

Our Gaiser 18000 can be equipped with a new STI accessory called CBCS (Conveyor Belt Cleaning System), which has been specifically designed to clean and sanitize conveyor belts by mean of the superior cleaning power of steam, combined with the versatility and efficiency of a STI steam generator.

Such accessory maximizes production efficiency while minimizing cleaning costs, as it can clean and sanitize conveyor belts while in operation.

The benefits?

  • Zero production downtime, no breaks, zero loss of time.
  • The system is the most environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals, as just a little tap water is enough to degrease, disinfect, sanitize and remove resins, dirt and bacteria in no time.

We all know that a good pair of shoes starts with the use of quality leather, and STI is proud to contribute by helping fine tanneries in maintaining their production facilities clean, sanitized, and highly efficient at all times.

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