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Sanitising rooms: the importance of disinfecting rooms

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Sanitising rooms: why it is essential for health

Room sanitisation is a thorough cleaning process aimed at eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogenic micro-organisms from enclosed spaces. This process is not limited to simple cleaning, but includes room disinfection to ensure a higher level of hygiene. Room sanitisation is essential because it significantly reduces the risk of infection and disease, creating a safer and healthier space for those who use it. The presence of pathogenic micro-organisms in the home, office or any public place can pose a serious health risk, especially to people with weakened immune systems, such as children, the elderly or those with chronic illnesses.

When does room sanitisation become necessary?

Environmental disinfection is necessary in many situations, especially in high-traffic areas or where the risk of contamination is high. For example, sanitising hospitals, clinics and doctors’ surgeries is essential to maintain a high level of hygiene to prevent infection. Sanitising in schools also needs to be done with some regularity and care, as it is essential to protect the health of children.

Not to be forgotten are offices and workspaces that need to be sanitised to ensure the safety and well-being of employees. Gyms and sports centres also require regular room disinfection to prevent the spread of skin and other infections. Finally, homes can also benefit greatly from regular house disinfection, especially where pets, young children or sick people are present.

The benefits of effective room disinfection

Effective room cleaning and disinfection has many benefits, including reducing the risk of infection by eliminating pathogenic micro-organisms. It also improves air quality by removing allergens, dust and other harmful particles, resulting in better respiratory health. In fact, a hygienic environment is also safer and more comfortable, providing a sense of security and well-being. Regular room disinfection also helps to maintain the integrity of surfaces and materials, extending their life. Finally, the use of environmentally friendly methods, such as steam cleaners, reduces the use of environmentally harmful chemicals, making room disinfection a sustainable process.

What micro-organisms does room sanitisation eliminate?

By sanitising a room with steam, it is possible to eliminate the following types of micro-organisms

  • Bacteria: Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and many others.
  • Viruses: Influenza, Norovirus, Coronavirus and other viral pathogens.
  • Fungi: Moulds such as Aspergillus and Candida, which can cause fungal infections.
  • Spores: From bacteria such as Clostridium difficile, which can survive in extreme environmental conditions.
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Sanitising rooms with STI Steam Industry steam cleaners

How can a room be sanitised using steam?

Steam room sanitisation employs the power of dry saturated steam at high temperature to remove microorganisms and dirt from surfaces. Steam cleaners heat water to steam, which is then applied to the surfaces to be cleaned through a nozzle. The steam penetrates into the micro-cracks and pores of the materials, dissolving grease and dirt and destroying pathogens. This method is highly effective because steam can reach temperatures sufficient to kill most bacteria and viruses without the need for chemical cleaners. Furthermore, steam cleaners can be utilised on a plethora of surfaces, including floors, fabrics, tiles and sports equipment. In addition, steam cleaning machines with suction capabilities enable the dissolution and removal of dirt, including dust, in a single pass.

How to choose the right steam cleaner from STI Steam Industry to suit your needs

Choosing the right steam cleaner depends on the specific cleaning and sanitising needs of the environment. STI Steam Industry offers different types of products for different contexts:

  • Home use: Compact and easy to use home steam cleaners are available, ideal for daily cleaning of surfaces and textiles.
  • Professional environments: For offices, schools and gyms, more powerful professional steam cleaners with a larger tank capacity are recommended for longer cleaning sessions. For sanitising, STI Steam Industry offers steam cleaners with advanced sterilisation functions to ensure the highest level of hygiene.
  • Industrial sector: For the cleaning of industrial environments, three-phase industrial steam cleaners are designed to be extremely powerful and capable of generating high pressures.
  • Car detailing: For those working in the car wash sector, steam cleaners for cars have been designed to clean all parts of the car interior
  • Pest control: Specialised environmental cleaning models for pest control and bedbug control.

Sanitising rooms: DIY or professional?

When is “do-it-yourself” sanitisation advisable?

Do-it-Yourself room sanitisation is a process suitable for situations where deep or frequent disinfection is not required. It is ideal for the home, where the need for disinfection can be met by regular room cleaning with domestic steam cleaners. Small offices can also benefit from this solution, especially where foot traffic is limited and contamination is low. Finally, routine room sanitisation between professional operations can be effectively managed with domestic steam cleaners, maintaining a constant level of sanitisation.

When is it necessary to call in a professional?

It is advisable to use a professional in cases where it is essential to maintain a high standard of hygiene, such as in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, where professional room sanitising is required to prevent infection and contagion. Regular and thorough room disinfection is also necessary in hotels and restaurants, large offices and busy commercial premises to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

STI Steam Industry: Your Help for Professional Room Sanitisation

STI Steam Industry prides itself on the quality and reliability of its professional steam cleaning equipment for room sanitising. The cutting-edge technologies used in the latest generation of steam cleaners guarantee the highest level of room sanitisation and ensure compliance with current hygiene and safety regulations, giving customers the peace of mind that their environment is being sanitised to the highest standards. Contact us without obligation for a free consultation or to request a quote!

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