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Sanitisation of gyms and sport centres


Sports enthusiasts who frequent gyms and sports facilities also evaluate the cleanliness of the environment, including sinks, toilets, and showers. No one wants to contract infections, fungi, or irritations due to uncleanliness, and gym-goers do not want to worry about the cleanliness of the equipment they are using while exercising.

When customers come to work out, they expect a clean and well-maintained facility. Therefore, gym cleaning should be done regularly, typically on a daily basis. It is important to remember that sports centres must prioritize both athlete satisfaction and a disease-free environment.

To ensure a consistently sanitised, clean, and welcoming facility for training, proper gym cleaning and sanitisation with effective equipment is crucial. Steam cleaners, which utilize the natural cleaning power of steam, can make these sanitisation operations fast and safe.

How to steam clean a gymnasium

Cleaning gyms and sports centres is essential for maintaining a clean and safe environment for users. To optimally sanitise these environments, steam cleaning is a highly recommended and effective method. This method not only removes germs, bacteria and viruses from many types of surfaces and equipment without the use of detergents, but it also reaches corners and crevices that are difficult to sanitise through other conventional methods. This results in a sterilised environment that prioritises safety. STI Steam Industry’s steam generator models ensure deep sanitisation of gyms by removing harmful microorganisms and pathogens, preventing the risks of contagion, infection and even allergy.

When cleaning gyms and sports facilities, it is important to focus on high-contact surfaces such as floors, walls, handles, doors, mats, weights, machines, and dumbbells. These surfaces are used by many people and require meticulous sanitisation. Additionally, benches should be properly treated to remove sweat and germs using special cleaning and sanitising processes. Steam cleaning can effectively address all of these areas without the need to switch machines.

gym sanitisation

Gym cleaning: sanitising bathrooms and changing rooms

Changing rooms and bathrooms in sports centres must be thoroughly and carefully sanitised and sterilised. Lockers, benches, toilets, and showers must be treated to reduce the risk of infection and prevent the proliferation of pathogens responsible for infections such as mycosis, which thrive in damp environments. Sanitising toilets and changing rooms using steam can be extremely effective in killing these types of viruses and bacteria. Follow these steps to achieve excellent gym sanitisation:

  1. Preparation of the area: Ensure that the area is well-ventilated before commencing the sanitisation process.
  2. Preliminary cleaning: Eliminate any coarse dirt. If the area is particularly dirty, treat it with a vegetable detergent before steaming.
  3. Steaming: All surfaces in bathrooms and changing rooms, including sinks, showers, floors, walls, toilets, handles, and other high-touch areas, should be steamed. It is important to keep the steam on the surface for the recommended time to ensure that germs and bacteria are effectively killed.
  4. Beware of sensitive surfaces: Pay attention to moisture- or heat-sensitive surfaces and make sure that steam does not damage tiles, seals or other parts of the bathroom or changing room. If in doubt, test the steam in a small area first.
  5. Personal protection: Anyone using the steam cleaner should wear appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and goggles to avoid burns or splashes of dirt in the eyes.
  6. Integration with other cleaning methods: Only if necessary, supplement the use of steam with specific detergents or recommended disinfectants to achieve complete sanitisation.
  7. Monitoring and maintenance: Regularly check the effectiveness of sanitisation and the condition of surfaces to ensure a safe and clean environment over time.

Sanitising the air in gyms

Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for athletes in the gymnasium requires proper air cleaning and sanitisation. The QV7 and QV7 PRO steam cleaners equipped with Airfresh-Tech and Vap Filter exclusive technologies offer interesting advantages in this context.

Airfresh-Tech turns the steam cleaner into an air purifier, which is a key feature in reducing the presence of viruses and improving air quality within the fitness environment. This is especially important considering the growing interest in limiting the spread of pathogens and maintaining hygiene in shared spaces.

On the other hand, the Vap Filter has a dual filtration system that captures tiny particles like mites, pollen, and micro-dust. This filtering system improves air quality by reducing respiratory problems associated with these particles.

The combination of both technologies provides an integrated approach to air cleaning, targeting both purification and removal of suspended particles. This has great benefits for the respiratory health of users.If you own a gym or sports centre and want to ensure your customers have access to unparalleled gym sanitisation, please contact us. We offer steam cleaners specifically designed for gym cleaning. STI Steam Industry’s sales team will be happy to provide you with professional advice on the most suitable model for your needs.

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