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Steam cleaning of industrial kitchens


In hygiene-conscious environments, cleanliness is not an option and the level of hygiene of a professional kitchen is one of the keys to a successful restaurant business.

Customers know that only those who run a business in perfect hygienic-sanitary conditions are able to serve healthy food.

Poor cleanliness and low levels of hygiene are one of the biggest problems in restaurants, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an important public health observatory in the United States according to which more than 50% of food-related illnesses can be linked to a catering business!

Cleaning a commercial kitchen is a process that must follow a methodical and planned approach to ensure that every part of it is sanitized.

Remember that a kitchen worktable and other similar surfaces are ideal places for bacteria to thrive. Because food is processed above this countertop with equipment that comes into direct contact with the food, all counters and other related surfaces should be cleaned at least twice daily.

By respecting your established schedule you will ensure that your customers can eat in a healthy and genuine place and, at the same time, you will allow your staff to work in a perfectly organized environment, allowing them to provide a better service than the competition.


Thanks to its natural high temperature, steam eliminates bacteria, mold, dust mites, as well as many other pathogens that could cause allergic reactions and illnesses.

This is why steam cleaning proves incredibly effective and popular in removing dirt and grease that tends to build up in a commercial kitchen.

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